Currently Heavy Lift Supervisor for European Offshore Services on the Global Tech 1 offshore project aboard the Installation Vessel "Innovation"

I set up ( www.caloltd.co.uk ) my own company C.A.L.O. Ltd for the Kashagan Project, Oil & Gas exploitation in the Caspian Sea. A great project and I learnt a lot from many people whilst I was HSE Lifting Advisor 2010-2012 

I've been in the lifting game for 26yrs now, (1986 doing my first lift) as an operator, supervisor and on the ground setting up safe systems of work for Tower cranes, Mobile cranes and Crawler cranes.  Too many accidents and too many funerals means there are serious problems out there in the lifting game. You cannot, and should not, become complacent when a lift is to be planned and carried out.  All multi-crane sites should have a full time Appointed Person on site, responsible for setting up a safe system of work for all lifting operations. Let's put safety first!  Let's get it right !!

http://www.mytowercrane.com/80 - Massive Attack - Teardrops.mp3